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Product Description

Product Features:

●   High current and voltage carrying capacity.

●   Simple, quick and safe effective field assembly.

●   The outer cover has the capacity of anti-aging and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

●   It can be used in the outdoor iron environment.

●   6 diodes are paralleled into 2 rows, the particular design can be used in high-power battery board, it can reduce the temperature of box body.


  Number of terminals   4
  Number of diodes   6
  Cable Spec   4~6mm²   
  Connection method   Clamp
  Weight   345(g)



  Power Range   200~380W
  Rated current   15A
  Rated Voltage   1000V
  Operating Temperature   -40℃ to 85℃
  Protection Degree   IP65
  Protection Class   Class II


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