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Smart switch(Limiter) thinkpower

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Product Description

Input voltage range
85-265 Vac,45-65Hz, L/N
Input current range
0-50Aac, or extenal CT
Max. inverters connection
Self power consumption
< 2W
Operating temperature range
-20 – 60 ℃Humidity range
Protection degree
IP65 for outdoor used
Communication with inverter
Reaction time
< 5 sec

1. Feed-in Limitation 

•  Export limitation is integrated into the inverter firmware – install only an energy meter
•  Fast Response Time – ensuring that even with rapid changes in load consumption and PV production the exported power does not exceed the limit
•  Failsafe Operation – the operation is designed to guarantee that the exported power will never exceed the preconfigured limit under any fault

Thinkpower Inverter as Power Manager  
•  Export limit can be configured by Thinkpower if required by local utility, and can be locked after setting to prevent unauthorized configuration changes
•  In a multi-inverter system, one inverter will serve as the energy manager
•  Installed Thinkpower inverters can be firmware upgraded with the export limitation option



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