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Product Description

Max. efficiency up to 97.6%, compact design, wide working voltage range


Growatt 1000-3000-S is an ideal solar system solution for private homes, including small roof, modules on the same direction, and it is installed for single phase system.

Technical Parameter

Input data(DC)

Growatt 3000-S Growatt 2000-S Growatt 1000-S Growatt 1500-S
Max. DC input power 3400W 2300W 1300W 1900W
Max. DC input voltage 550V 450V 450V 450V
Start Voltage 80V 80V 80V 80V
PV Voltage range 70V-550V 70V-450V 70V-450V 70V-450V
MPP work voltage range/nominal voltage 70V-550V/360V 70V-450V/360V 70V-450V/180V 70V-450V/250V
Full load DC voltage range 250V-500V 200V-400V 110V-400V 175V-400V
Max. input current 13A 11A 10A 10A
Max. input current per string 13A 11A 10A 10A
Number of independent MPP trackers/strings per MPP tracker 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1



Protection Devices

General Data


Certificates and Approvals


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